01 – Iratxe Gómez


My formal beginning in the voice acting world dates back to 2004 when I was selected for a couple of bilingual (Spanish-English) projects for international telephone banking services and money transfers.

In 2006 I found a series of errors in one of the most frequently used TTS convertors in the world, and I contacted the developers with the complete report and a trouble shooting manual I created. The company, in view of my extensive knowledge of phonetics and phonology and my versatility as a voice talent, decided to re-do the program this time using me as a both a voice talent and an expert in language.

Clear and precise enunciation are my best vocal qualities, what has given me the chance to participate in the creation of TTS tools, the implementation of navigation systems for the automotive world and virtual assistants.

I am a gifted interpreter who has continued to evolve and learn to use my voice for numerous registers, what allows me to change pitch, intention, and musicality to interpret a wide variety of characters.